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bb brothers Danish blues rock band formed in 1965 as Boom Boom Brothers later B.B. Brothers .  Released one single as B.B. Brothers (picture at the left).

Changed name to Hurdy Gurdy in 1968. This is their only single as Hurdy Gurdy released in 1970. It is extremely rare.

Line up: Claus Bøhling (guitar), Marqvad Otzen (drums), Mac McLeod (bass and vocal )

In 1971 they recorded the very sought after self titled album
(CBS 64781 UK) - official reissue from 1974 in Netherlands. Several bootlegs are known. The music is guitar based psychedelic rock with an eastern flavour. On the lp Torben Forne plays the bass.

The label is provided by Kasper Jensen. The pictures of Hurdy Gurdy sleeve is provided by Claus Rasmussen alrunen.melipona.org

Side A:
Tick tock man

Side B:
Lend me your wings